The Affordable Travel Club

A Hospitality Exchange Club for people over 40

With over 2,000 host locations (48 states and 50 countries), there is a wide assortment of homes both in atmosphere and location: urban, suburban, rural and resort.  It is a home away from home experience, only better, since you don't have to cook breakfast!

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2021 Online Renewal

"My mature travel tastes are for places as yet uninundated by commercial tourism. Ultimately, the experienced traveller concludes that people are the highlight of any vacation trip.  With maturity, with the personal humility that comes with years, I now want to know what other inhabitants of this planet are thinking, and I value the chance to meet them as a supreme travel goal."

-- Arthur Frommer in his book
New World of Travel.

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The Affordable Travel Club offers low cost travel for seniors and baby boomers with a Delightful Difference!

Would you like to travel with low-cost accommodations, meet interesting people,and share travel experiences? 

Does the warmth and hospitality of a bed and breakfast experience appeal to you? 

Then we have an exciting alternative! 

Join a host of other friendly travelers in the growing family of the Affordable Travel Club!

You stay in private homes of travelers like yourself, paying a small gratuity.  In the 'private home hospitality accommodation', the hosts are individuals who enjoy meeting other people, sharing their homes and communities, and perhaps even serving their favorite breakfast recipe.

Our Motto: The Spirit of Travel is Warm Hospitality

ATC Washington Picnic
ATC Members gathered for the Annual Washington State Picnic in Gig Harbor, WA 

The Wall Street Journal published a front page article in its Weekend Journal declaring that the newest trend in traveler accommodations is also the oldest: Staying in someone else's house.  The Journal called it a "status symbol" to do so.  "The new destination of choice for many travelers isn't some crowded beach resort or an impersonal rental.  Rather, it's the downstairs den, former kids' bedroom--or in the most upscale cases, the fully appointed guest house--of a friend". 

This sounds like the Affordable Travel Club!  We are right on top with The Journal.

You will love the Affordable Travel Club if you want to travel in a different and delightful way.  If you are missing the personal touch in your travels and want to feel like a visiting friend, rather than a patron in a hotel, then you'll love the Affordable Travel Club.

The Affordable Travel Club
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